Door Chime Replacement Parts

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 Did I mention that I don’t sell parts? The parts in my stock are scrounged from extensive searching, and are exclusively reserved for repairing and completing other incomplete chimes I find and doing renovation work for service clients.  I would be happy to provide you with an estimate for service on your chime. 

If you have one of the more common NuTone models. you might get lucky and find that the part you need is still available from Nutone.  I recommend as a great online resource of  NuTone parts. 

Go to:

Select “chimes” and choose from the long list of NuTone models for an exploded view and parts list.

Here are what I find to be the most useful NuTone parts available from VentingDirect:

Plunger Set-4  69581-000 includes four plungers, springs, rebound bumpers and rear end caps.  Useable on all K46-style mechanisms and probably many others.

Grommet Set  69683-000 includes four rubber grommets for mounting flat bells.  Seem to fit every brand.  These are specialized items, not typical hardware store grommets.

Tube Hanger Set  1958A-000 includes four molded nylon longbell hangers. Useful only for late model NuTone longbells that use this unique hanger.

Also, here is a massive list of NuTone models with links to parts drawings. Same info as at VentignDirect but easier to access:



For very old or less common NuTones, or any one of the other less common brands, you are entirely on your own to improvise, find a donor to scavenge, or have parts custom made.     


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