New Chimes For Sale by ModernDoorbells

If you have a vintage home, a classic period-correct restored door chime is an excellent accessory.  However, if you have a modern home or just choose to decorate with contemporary details, shopping for a suitable door chime can be a frustrating experience. It just seems that doorbell manufactures have abandoned those with modern tastes… all except one new company- ModernDoorbells. 

The idea at ModernDoorbells is that homeowners, architects and designers should be able to buy a door chime that is on par with the best in modern lighting, appliances and furniture available today. 

Aside from design quality, what distinguishes ModernDoorbells from many other chimes is a philosophy that there is only one way to make a doorbell work- the honest way... to mechanically strike metal bells.  No synthetic chirps, no canned “music” and definitely no boring white boxes.  In that sense the products of ModernDoorbells might be called retro, and in a way they are. They are the modern interpretation of what doorbells once were.  In short, they look like now but sound like then.  

Here’s a preview of what you will see at ModernDoorbells.  Visit for details.




























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