This home is a wonderful example of the emerging post-war modern style.  It is marked by dominant horizontal features, most notably bands of windows and the expanse of  unbroken  roof line over the main parts of the house. The impression from the street is that the house is a long single box-shaped structure, but in fact it is U-shaped, surrounding a sunny courtyard.  The courtyard is physically or visually accessible from the three zones of the house that surround it, fulfilling the dream of outdoor living popularized in the post war era. 

The one flamboyant element in an otherwise serene fašade is the room above the garage with its wall of windows and rakish shed roof.  While it serves as the defining feature of the fašade, the space within is actually quite detached from the more clearly purposeful areas of the house.  In a way it is entirely analogous to the tower room of Victorian style homes in that it is not especially useful but serves as dramatic adornment to distinguish and give character to the fašade.  

The house has a bit of celebrity in its past.  It was included in an article about fireplaces in Sunset magazine, April 1949.  The house features two dramatically simple fireplaces trimmed in black marble.   

It  remains almost completely unchanged from its original form and detail and so serves as an outstanding example of modern architecture in our community.   

A Bold exterior lines of the house.

C  Closets are all constructed as build-in cabinetry, like the free standing unit in the entry way. Bedroom and hall closets are of similar construction and materials.

D  Massive wood framed glass sliding doors open the living room to the patio and flood the living room with light.

E  The courtyard features a flagstone patio and garden areas. 

F   Fireplace in living room is an exercise in restraint, rendered in opulent but understated materials.   Mantel aligns with window sill on adjacent wall , contributing to formal orderliness.  Fireplace wall is paneled with redwood.

G  The back side of the entry way coat closet ,which serves as an effective divider between entryway and living room.

H  Another fireplace in the den uses the same polished black marble.  The entire den is paneled with redwood.

Built-in buffet in the dining room echoes the horizontal  bands of windows.  It hangs on a wall that is covered with redwood burl veneer.

J  A band of windows illuminates the hallway to the bedroom wing with light from the courtyard.  Planter on right adds greenery to the midsection of the house...

K ...visible through the internal window that separates the  hallway from kitchen nook.  

L  The simple kitchen is utilitarian, spacious, and efficient.  This kitchen is very nice for its day, but crisply delineates how much our concept of house and home has changed in fifty years.  This kitchen is a no-nonsense workplace,  separated from the living areas of the house, not at all situated to be the hub of entertaining.  Materials and fixtures and utilitarian, not luxurious. 

M  Looking the other way down the hallway toward the bedroom wing.  A door on the right makes for easy access from the kitchen out to the courtyard.

N  The unusual tub in the master bath is by American Standard.

O  A custom made circular stairway from the garage is the only access to the room above the garage.

A space dubbed "the playroom" in the original plans is flooded with light.  The room was left rough in the original construction, and only recently has been finished as living space.  The plans called for a small bathroom at the top of the landing, just outside this room, but it was not constructed.