Not the typical house for Humboldt County-- or maybe anywhere.   Prairie Style meets post-war flamboyance, with a hint of restrained euro-modernism.  Broad overhangs and bold geometric rhythm of windows and trim are straight from the Prairie Style esthetic.  The opposing shed roof angles are from an entirely different and later vocabulary.  Use of concrete block as primary building material is unusual but not unheard of in the region.  

D  The property consist of two structures.  The rear unit is connected the front house by a covered walkway. It has a garage on the ground floor and an apartment above.  The wall obscures the public view of the courtyard between the two structures and provides no clue to the charming area within.    

E  The back side of the main house is more window than wall.  

F  The living room is dominated by a red brick fireplace.  A wall of fixed glass and French doors provide abundant light to the rear wall of the dining room.  

G  The gallery of windows at the front of the house is striking from the exterior, but not fully appreciated until seen from inside the living room.    

H  Dramatic wall planes and clearstory windows are tucked under the shed roof at the front of the house.  Most of the original light fixtures have been lost.   

I  J  The kitchen has recently been updated, but the essential layout and austere lines remain intact.  The original strip of suspended fluorescent lighting with wooden baffle survives in original condition.