A B  The living room with expansive windows commands the front face of the house.   

C  A view from the side is required to get a full appreciation for the vast cantilevered overhang.  Absence of sag in this dramatic feature hints at the quality of engineering and construction of this house.

D  The approach to the front door is a tapered space between the living room and bedroom wing. The result has the unusual effect of exaggerating the perspective.   

E Except for updated appliances, the design and fixtures of the kitchen remain unmolested from its original condition.  In excellent modern form, the kitchen is open to the family room.  The cabinet design and layout is a wonderland of angled planes and forms. Open beam ceilings are throughout most of the house.

F  Washer and dryer hookups are behind the sink backsplash.

G  The structure above the cooktop encloses an exhaust fan.

H  An odd space is visible through tall windows in the family room.  Itís entirely enclosed, with sliding glass doors to the entry way toward the front and to the patio toward the rear. The floor is red-dyed concrete, just like the patio.  Skylights illuminate the space.  Iíll call it a porch for lack of a better term.

I  The view down the bedroom hall is a showcase of the stylish materials of the day.  The rock wall is adjacent to the back porch.  High quality paneling lines the hallway, with a variety of custom made build-ins.  The end wall is covered with grass paper.   The hall is well lit with multiple recessed florescent tubes with a textured glass lens as a diffuser.  This detail was repeated in millions of kitchens built in the 70ís and 80ís so it takes some conscious consideration to appreciate how fresh this idea was in 1959.

J  The rear is neat, and handsome enough to be the front