Garage Doors

Many modern homes that had garages were originally equipped with garage doors made of one large panel that tilted up, rather than a number of hinged segments like most garage doors of today.  To relieve the plainness of the large featureless door, basic geometric designs were often added using simple moldings and raised panels tacked to the door surface.  Usually these features were painted contrasting colors to emphasize the design.  

There is something about the look of these doors that is light hearted if not absolutely humorous given the perspective of time.  They are nothing like the serious, frequently pretentious look of the faux neo-whatever- revival motifs that have adorned homes since the contemporary style fell from grace. For us, the graphics on these doors are emblematic of the totality of newness that the modern style embraced.  They owe nothing to any historical style that went before.

These doors are getting tough to spot around here, given the number of garages that have been converted to living space and the number of remaining garages that have upgraded doors.   

A  Josef Albers, we found your garage door.  It's in Eureka and it's been painted blue and white.

Do you have a home with a flat-panel garage door with vintage decoration?  Contact me.  Iíll take a photo and include it on this page.