A lot of attention has been lavished upon the design of door hardware.   During the modern era, there was a wealth of interesting decorative choices.  Here a few standouts.

A  A well worn example of the Schlage Astra-- the ultimate in 1950’s door jewelry.

B  Available in bright brass, brushed stainless and bronze—I know because I recently snagged these on eBay.  

C  Unlike many fancy escutcheons that simply get captured behind the latch set, this style screws onto the handle shaft and becomes an integral part of the assembly.  

D  One rare high-style feature was a center mounted handle like this one at EurekaModern HQ.  Very distinctive looking; lacking somewhat in functionality.  The leverage of opening the large 42” door from the center is less than ideal.  This oversize add-on escutcheon is from Westlok, and just happens to be compatible with the original Schlage lockset.  Placing the knob at the center required an extension rod to link the handle to the latch at the edge of the door...

E ....like this 18” Schlage extension for a really long reach.  This is  a new-old stock item found on eBay. 

Another add-on escutcheon, the Schlage Continental surrounding a Schlage Novo lockset.  Note how the escutcheon requires more than the usual distance from the edge of the door, which required a short extension rod.. 

G  A very popular add-on escutcheon is this Schlage dished square made of stamped brass.  It has a detent for mounting either as a square or diamond.    

H  Schlage Novo was a popular choice for both interior and exterior doors on better quality houses.  Generally seen in this bronze finish.  

Do you have a home with an especially interesting hardware item?  Contact me.  I’ll take a photo and include it on this page.